Tuesday, August 07, 2007

S. Katt

In the Cleveland Plain Dealer, someone has been advertising daily regarding their missing cat, Sabrina. The ad has been running for almost two years. I love my cats, but at some point you have to give up the ghost: the cat is gone or the cat is gone!

My mother was/is convinced the ad is secret code for a drug ring, given that it is daily and she feels no one puts this much effort into finding a lost cat. She feels it must be something more sinister.

When I was in Columbus the other week, I mentioned this to Tom G. He reads the PD daily (or almost), but he's never seen the ad. Since they run next to the obituaries, which are not in the Sports section....or near Family Circus.....it is not a surprise that he has missed this.

Imagine my surprise when this was delivered over the weekend. (please please please - click image to enlarge)

I say 'imagine my surprise...' but I don't really mean it. If you knew Tom G. one shouldn't be too too surprised, but always amused. This is assuming the letter did come from Tom G. and not Sabrina herself.

And yes, the return address was from S. Katt. Where the 'S' could be for Sabrina - never ever ever underestimate good fecal humour.


Frankie said...

Absolutely brilliant. Now I have to begin looking for, and collecting these wonderful missing kitty ads.

Thanks for the laugh!

rebecca said...

Thank G-D you posted this -- I'd been wondering where to call for my weekly delivery of crank!

Anonymous said...

I can't read the note!