Tuesday, March 14, 2006


I am not a coffee drinker myself. Sure - I'll eat coffee ice cream anyday, but drink it - nah, not for me. But the idea of Starbucks escapes me. Maybe the coffee is actually better there than at the Stop N Go - but how much better could it possibly be.

The guy in this video drops the f*bomb once or twice. (ok...maybe a few more times than that!) I found it funny.

*Probably shouldn't be playing in an office where anyone offended by 'that word' might hear. Visually - nothing inappropriate!


rebecca said...

I liked his Romanian song better -- not so angry.

Anonymous said...

Uh, not that I support the world domination of Starf'inbucks, but there is no comparison between good, quality coffee and stop'n'go coffee. If my Caribou closed up and I was given the choice between gas station coffee and nothing, I'd choose the painful headaches and delirium tremems withdrawals!

Anonymous said...

but but,..... i kinda like star bucks:(

Blobby said...

so drink it anonymous poster! pay your $7! enjoy.