Tuesday, October 30, 2007

That Smell

Autumn is my favourite season. I'm not sure why. Probably the colours, the crispness of the air and possibly the lack of humidity.

As we age, we don't really enjoy summer the way we did as kids. Or am I just talking for myself with this one? It's all just work anymore. There are moments of warmth and sun and frolic - just not days of it.

I have learned to loathe Winter. I don't mind the snow (oh - I say that now!), but I do not tolerate the cold anymore. 35 degrees and rainy is still probably worse than 15 and snowy. That cold makes me shiver to the core.

Spring? Eh! There is rarely a spring anymore. It seems we go from winter to summer rather quickly anymore. 50 to 80 in a heartbeat. It doesn't help that we continue to get snow into May. And why is it that a 50 degree Spring day is warmer than a 50 degree Fall day?

I think I know the answer, of course. We have acclimated to the cold of Winter and any hint of pseudo-warmth has us donning short sleeves and knickers. Yet six months later any nudge of cold gets us sweat pants and flannel shirts (this in fact does not count if you are a lesbian).

But I do love the smells of Fall. I can't really describe them, though I think you know what I'm talking about with that too. Fallen leaves disintegrating in the yard, or bunched up wet on tree lawn. But I think it goes back to the crispness in the air.

The other seasons certainly have their own smell too. Winter with the smell of cold. Yes, I think it has a smell. The fireplaces burning as you are out shoveling the drifts comes and wafts through your olfactory nerves.

Summer has the unmistakable smell of a slight rain on hot asphalt. That's one you won't find in a Max Factor perfume bottle.

I was smelling Autumn this last weekend when we took down the awning...which is a true indicator of the change of seasons - both Fall and Spring. Hopefully I will be smelling Autumn for a few more weeks - as I gather leaves. Hundreds of thousands of leaves.

But it is almost November and it hasn't snowed yet. For Ohio - that's saying something.

Smell ya later.

song by: Lynyrd Skynyrd

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