Sunday, October 07, 2007

Rocket Man

I've been toying with the idea of using song titles for each of my posts. There are enough songs out there that could relate - directly or not so much - to whatever I have to blabber on about.

Yesterday was our annual block party. There aren't tons of houses in our 'hood, but enough. It was still kind of a small turnout - but a nice one.

Attending the event is part of my continuing effort to be more social. All the gays in the five street area were there, but we connected with a few more of the folks on the block. I've mentioned before that we're the last house on the street and you cannot see the house from it, so most people don't know we're there and don't know the house is there.

We brought salsa. Not my normal stuff, but some nice mango stuff. I'd like to say I made it and had I not gotten back from Phoenix during the Indians game, I might have. But I had my priorities. Store bought seemed to go over just fine. ...and it's not like the ladies who brought the teeny cupcakes didn't get them from Costco! They didn't even have the nerve to repackage it and try to pull it off as their own - like I did.

But the cool thing of the party was that one of the organizers commissioned the Rocket Car (see picture above - which btw is a stock photo, as I did not bring a camera with me to this event) from Euclid Beach Park. For years I've seen this thing drive all over town when it's on loan from the Crawford Auto Museum, but never up close. I certainly never had been in it - until yesterday.

It was fun and completely more unsafe than a Corvair. The Rocket Car had seat belts, but that really wouldn't help if you rolled it. Dual airbags are for pussies. Massive head trauma would be for he-men!

I was surprised how folks we passed while riding in it never got jazzed about it. I always did when I saw it. I thought it was fun to see when no one expected it. It's cooler than the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile......and I've seen that on the road......twice!

We had missed our first two (which were also the last two) block parties. First year it was raining and we didn't know anyone. Last year we did my parent's 50th anniversary the same day.....they kind of took priority.

But I can see us going again. ...and we were invited to a Halloween party. The caveat is - you have to wear a costume. Curses!

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