Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I'm On Fire

So yesterday just blew big time......and not in a good way. From start to finish.

I knew in the next two weeks we were supposed to have a fire drill at work, but since I am actually at the office maybe one day in the next two weeks, I figured, 'eh - I won't be there for it'


No, it was in the morning. 25 flights of stairs down. As I didn't have enough work to do. Some chick I work with, who is like 4 mos pregnant, didn't think she should have to walk down, well, because she's pregnant. I snapped at her a little and said, 'it's not a disability'.

Without getting into the rest of my day, I get home wanting to do nothing but leftovers for dinner and relax. It was not meant to be.

Someone (not me), decided to heat something up in the toaster. But whatever it was decided to catch fire. This was not a drill.

All those safety videos and classes about fire safety are true. Let me tell you how fast something can spread. .....and blowing on it really doesn't put it out. It's not birthday candles.

Moving the toaster into the sink was a start. But it was still plugged in. Potential disaster. At least no one (not me) tried to pour water on it.

Kitchen filled with smoke. Opening windows to air it out and shutting doors so the smoke doesn't go upstairs....and hopefully not set off the fire alarms. We actually pulled out the fire extinguisher we've had for years.....and used it.

We left most of the windows downstairs open (yes, it is cold!) all night for the place to air out.

I mean fuck! We were there. We caught it immediately....and it could have been way out of control in about another minute. The smoke damage alone could have been devastating.

On the plus side - Denton gets to shop for a new toaster....and lord does that man love to do that.

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