Saturday, October 06, 2007

Mrs. Travis Hafner

...I like the ring of it.

I think I'll just be doodling it on scrap pieces of paper at home and work. I'd be just fine being the woman in that relationship.

I am shameless in what few baseball posting I put up here. I utilized a nice Travis image on my opening day ramblings. And don't get me wrong - the Indians have a number of nice looking players this year. Probably the best since 1997 - Thome, Giles, Vizquel, Justice, Williams and Chad Ogea!!!....and the likes.

Anyhoo....I know many folks like football, but I prefer American's pastime. And I have a soft spot for the Indians - which can be quite the futile experience. But one I've been living with all my life. I watch the games, I read the sports section - I just don't seem to ever post about it here. I can actually talk sports (some) with 'the guys'. I'm SO butch!

I mentioned the other day that as g-d is my witness, they will win a World Series before I die. If I passed-on in 2008, that'd be just fine, if we won one this year. It's not like I have a death wish or suicidal ideations - I just want them to win!

Last night - after 11 LONG innings, they got one step closer. Again. The game was a car wreck you just had to watch and could not turn away from. Tied (I'd say, 'obviously' but some people don't know the ins and outs of baseball......Jon....David) for inning after inning at 1-1.

At Jacob's Field, they have a graphic of a vampire who eats and eats and eats and then rubs his belly. I laugh at it every time I see it - and invariably have to explain it to someone: The Count is full (think about it...........think about it.....).

Yes, bottom of the 11th: bases loaded. two outs. three balls. two strikes. It has cliche and excitement written all over it. Travis hits a beautiful shot through the millions of canadian soldiers and into deep center field. He brings in the winning run and FINALLY ends Game 2 of the ALDS.

There is something so satisfying about beating the Yankees. I can take a loss from almost any other team....but they are so fucking smug. And it was just nice that we prevailed 3-12 during Game 1.

Only one more game to win before we'd face either Boston or Los Angeles for the ALCS. (please oh please - let it be the Angels....and I'm actually writing this before the end of Game 2 of their series.)

And just for fun, as this is not a photo-blog per se - I thought I'd leave you with some pictures of my future husband. ...and might I be so crude as to say that one Tom G told me after the win last night (as he was in a bar doing shots) that he was imagining Travis' low-hangers swaying in the locker room.

Who wasn't?


RJ March said...

you'll make a baseball(player) fan of me yet.

he's awful pretty.

Anonymous said...

Oh MAN - I was really hoping for a picture of the low hangers. I love it when the shirtless guy fans are spaced awkwardly and they spell: GOT RIBE

Kris said...

I hadn't read this post until this morning, but last night said the same thing about the NYY. So SMUG--hate that about them!!!
Mrs. Jim Thome

Anonymous said...

You forgot the best looking '97 Indians player. Sandy Alomar, Jr. HE'S dreamy.