Thursday, October 11, 2007

I Don't Like Wednesdays

....tell me why...

So I am sitting on a conference call yesterday, looking out my office window 25 floors above street level and happen to notice dozens of police cars racing down the main drags and even through the small cross streets.

At some point someone asked me a question that I wasn't concentrating on. Something was going on and I was too enthralled to pay attention to my job.

Unfortunately, it was a scene that has become increasingly all too familiar: a school shooting. This time it was too close to home. Or to work, as the case may be. Three or four blocks away. Close enough that they locked down our building - not like I was going anywhere anyway. I had deadlines.

I haven't heard all the ins and outs and whys of the shooting. Just that the 14 year old (!!!!) gunman kid is dead and four others shot. I don't know who killed the kid - himself or the police. In a way - it doesn't matter. I'm sure the NRA will make it all better.

The regional FBI office was across the was the local NBC station. I'm only venturing to guess who might have arrived on site first.

On a completely unrelated note (or is it?), on the way home I was actually listening to a radio station that wasn't NRP and came across Bobbie Gentry's "Ode to Billie Joe'. An odd song to be sure - but you know, Gentry had a pretty incredible voice and the strings on that song were pretty innovative for something that became a Top 40 hit (quick Morty - how high did it chart, what week and what replaced it?).

...and then for years they ruined that song with a tv movie with Robbie Benson making Billie Joe out to be some closeted homo who kills himself because of it. WTF?

Yeah - I'm pretty sure it is an unrelated note.

as for the image....the building where the shootings took place, I think is in the old Cleveland Aquarium. And though you can't see it, my office building is just next to the one you see on the far right in the picture.

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Anonymous said...

So scary. I remember high school being extrememly stressful, but at least I never thought, "I hope today's not the day Tony Vance finally explodes and kills all of us in Spanish III."

Well, I thought it, but never seriously thought it would happen.