Friday, October 26, 2007

Seen The Doctor

Do I need to start putting the artist and album title for the song/post titles? I have not decided. Anyway, this would be Michael Penn. He, the one hit wonder fame of "No Myth" - but I like the rest of his stuff anyway.

I have seem to have gotten off course. It happens with me. Often.

Here's a t-shirt you won't see making the rounds. At least, not anymore. Thanks Bono!

Seriously, the self-righteous "singer" (who lets face it, peaked in his skills with the album 1983!!!) and his "organization" has put the kabash on the manufacturing and selling of anything (red) that isn't his. Including this shirt.

45 million people in the United States are uninsured. The U.S. spends over $100 BILLION per year to provide services to the uninsured. The war in Iraq is almost up to $500 BILLION and rising. The war there and in Afghanistan now has a potential price tag of $1 TRILLION dollars. What is wrong with this fact? (it's rhetorical - but feel free to answer.)

But Bono has a beef with someone selling a shirt that co-opts his (red) brand. This doesn't seem like time well spent for a self-professed do-gooder. He has time for Darfur, Africa and the IMF - none of which would seemingly affect him personally (except for the fact they won't download the last U2 disk from iTunes), but neither does the uninsured in America.

Yes, I know you have to protect your copywrited brand but sheesh....the lady who was making an hawking these is an uninsured freelance artist. .....just like he was before he raked in millions of dollars himself.....for himself.

Do-gooder, my ass!

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