Sunday, September 24, 2006

One by One All Day

I say I don't use the YouTube virals too often - and I swear I somewhat, kind of attempt not to. But it is Sunday and traditionally it is the day of the lowest hits to Blobby's Blog.

I don't want sound like I am disrespecting my reading public and I try not just go through the motions. Honest, I have semi-interesting things to write. Honest!

That being said, I do like this viral.

Noah has taken a pic of himself everyday for over six year. I think one would be hard pressed to say these are arranged in order, as hair length changes can happen pic to pic. And yes, I know I don't have much hair, but from my recollection, hair does not grow THAT quickly.

The music fits the sequence, and the entire package is somewhat hypnotic. What I find interesting is Noah's eyes and mouth, or just his general expression. Rarely, if ever, does it change.

How he do that?

Song by:  the Shins

1 comment:

Curtis said...

Mesmerizing, but it sort of creeps me out too!