Friday, February 06, 2009

Money Money Money

These are tough economic times. Ask anyone.

Ask Barack. Ask the GOP House of Representatives. Hell, ask the CEOs needing/wanting bail-out money who might now be forced to live on a measly $500k per year. How will they do it?

And when it comes to political activism, I try to do the right thing for the right causes - or as what I see to be the right ones.

But it has been killing me, that on a daily basis - or sometimes more - moveon has been emailing me asking for money. The election is over, but now they want $$$$ to help pass the stimulus package put before congress. Or to buy ad time for a senate race...........for 2010!!!

Seriously? And it's not even in my district or state?

Yes - these are hard times. Too hard for me to be coughing up $25 per email they keep sending me.

George Soros and Peter B. Lewis are billllllionaires who originally helped fund moveon. Good for them. From there on it became kind of a grassroots effort. But now I'm not sure how those roots are there, or can afford it.

Not only that, we had some big wins back in November after eight years of losses. I'm thinking not only have funds dried up, but enthusiasm and basic need for change has too.

I know at least at this point, I'm not giving.

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