Friday, February 20, 2009

Crapped Out Again

We were out and about the other week (yeah, I store images for when I'm looking for things to throw up here......well, not vomit like throw-up) and out in a parking lot was a collection spot for old computers, disk drives, mice and the likes.

If you haven't clicked the image to enlarge it (and really, shouldn't you?), you might miss their wonderful URL.

Sure, I suppose to the untrained eye, it could be IT Scrap. To me, I saw: Its Crap (clearly the apostrophe is missing). I guess it works on multiple levels.

I can't say that folks working there found it that amusing when I pointed it out......or took the picture, from the comfort of my car.

Song by: Keb Mo

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Song by Keb Mo? Who? ROR on the URL. People just don't think, do they. Like naming Sarasota's bus system SCAT.