Thursday, December 08, 2005

Ohio Governor

IF you can stomach it - Jim Petro is running ads already in his bid for governor of Ohio. I cannot find a link to the actual commercial that is running - but you can get the gist of it at his site. I feel dirty just googling it.

Personally, I love (read: loathe) the fact that he is running on family values and against gay marriage..................which happened a full two years before this upcoming gubernatorial election. Way to be a man of the current issues Jim!!!!

The other choices for the head of the state are just as loathesome....and seemingly all republican. If there is a democratic candidate slated to run - I have not heard one. At least not since Michael Coleman (CMH mayor) dropped out of contention.

As Ed Grimley would say: "we're as doomed as doomed can be!" (of course, you have to say it in his voice).


Anonymous said...

Petro's ad may just be the final straw for me. I may have to kill my television after all.

Blobby said...

i was thinking 'move'. If he gets in - I would seriously considering moving out of state.