Tuesday, August 10, 2004

One Little, Two Little, Three Little Senators

So - here's an interesting tidbit I didn't know. Only TWO U.S. Senators have ever been elected president! TWO!! ....and those would be Garfield and Kennedy. Statistically, this does not look good for Kerry. But at some point the odds have got to change - right? RIGHT? Ok people, just agree w/me already.

And in last week's New York, Norman Mailer (whom I can take - or not) had an interesting take on John McCain. He thinks regardless of what McCain says, that he wants to be president and it comes down to this: If he aligned himself as Kerry and became his VP, he'd have been a lame-duck VP b/c the Dems would never elect him - nor would the GOP. But if he aligned himself w/Shrub, he'd have a chance to be the GOP nominee in 2008 - regardless if Shrub won or lost in 2004. Certainly makes sense to me.

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