Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Shurb Shrub Shrub

For fun and games - you can create your own soundbyte or speech in the fashion of W. That is...if you can stand it.

On a better note: a recent (as in today) CBS poll has Shrub at his all time lowest approval rating - 32%. That surpasses his 35% low of his Katrina days (not his days in Katrina & the Waves). And dropped a whopping eight points in the last month!!!

Only 21% of folks think that it's ok for Dubai to be running the 6 U.S. ports. Though it doesn't say it - I'd almost bet that faction surveyed live in some landlocked area like Nebraska, Oklahoma or Idaho. Red. Dry. Stupid.

Bush is also losing ground in selling the stability of Iraq (36% think things are going well) and only 18% of those polled have a favorable opinion of Cheney.

This is just factoid since nothing is going to happen to change his administration. Let's just hope it continues onto the '06 elections and we take back the House, if not the Senate.

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