Monday, November 28, 2005

Supreme Court Falling Apart

No - where you went in your mind is just wishful thinking. The place is actually falling apart - not unlike OSU Stadium during a Pink Floyd concert (and the scary thing is - I didn't even really have to dig back in my memory for that one). The building actually dropped chunks of stone today. Though the NYT article doesn't state it - the pieces were picked up and carried off by Columbus students visiting DC.

But really - isn't this just symbolic of what is really happening to the court? They've made some questionable decisions throughout it's lifespan - but since the 2000 election, I just have a hard time w/almost any decision they make (eminent domain? c'mon!). I see further decay with Roberts and (most likely) Alito on the bench.

You know - the Columbus kids can have them too.

1 comment:

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