Thursday, November 17, 2005


Man - this just gets slightly more odd w/each passing day. I can almost understand Bob Woodward holding out his information due to the fact that his source hasn't allowed him to reveal their conversations. Almost. After Judith Miller - I suspect most everyone. Of course, I really suspect the Bush administration of using the press to not only leak information - but to do it in a way where their damage gets done, but enough question remains to let everyone involved off the frickin' hook! Sounds like the mastermind of TurdBlossom himself (que sinister music)!

What I do not get is Scooter's lawyers saying this basically supports his defense. Two, count em, two sources (Matt Cooper and Miller) have sited him as a source. In which he allowed them to release his name. Do we (should we) care that Woodward might have another source? Well, we should - b/c I'm guessing it's not Libby. But that there might be another source doesn't make Scooter any less complicit.

One can only hope that it is Karl or Dick. But I don't discount Colin Powell and that he blabbed on the premise to expose false and unethical information that he knew the things he was forced convey to the UN by his boss.

On one hand though - the longer this drags out, the longer the administration and GOP will be forced to show who and what they are. Right up until the next few election cycles.

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