Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Los Angeles 5-0

It's been forever since I've blogged a thing. I can't even bring myself make fun of the news, as it has all been too damned depressing.

But the New Orleans news had gotten me thinking of York. Katrina came close to coinciding w/his 50th bday. New Orleans is where I met York.

Back in '91, Morty and I went to New Orleans after overstaying our drunken DRUNKEN visit to Houston! Somewhere during that lost weekend in NO (as the man in one of the doorways said: "Debauchery at its finest". I turned and asked Morty - "shouldn't it be 'debauchery at its worst?") I met York. Ok - it's me. I know exactly where I saw him, how many times and where we met - geesh...will you people NEVER let up?

Sure, I was drunk when I finally went up to him. Yeah - it was loud when he said his name, clearly one you do not hear everyday (or ever!). He must have repeated it 4-5 times. Finally I said - 'as in New?' I introduced him to Morty. After repeating his name 4-5 times, Morty finally says - 'as in shire?" - which was infinitely funnier than my response.

Drunkenness (mine - not his) and possible illegal substance (me again) aside - York and I bonded. It was an immediate connection I only experience with those who happen to be my close friends, and of whom I consider him one. Sure it'd be nice to see each other more than 6 times in 14 years - but email has kept us in contact. Like with all my friends - we share the highs and the lows.

I am extremely happy to have this handful sustaining friendships which I treasure - whether they are in CA, NY, NC, MA, OH. ....and who knew any of us would ever make it to 50??


Anonymous said...

I'm touched, Blobby. That was a very sweet post. I hope you know how much we treasure you.

rebecca said...

Hey...I'M in MA!!! You mean ME!!! We're gonna go all out on your fiftieth. Just wait and see. xoxox

Anonymous said...

I do mean you! You're all included in there w/out naming names. I mean, I want to be discreet, Morty, Dity, Becca, San, David and York. geesh.