Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Whacko(ff) Jacko

Remember when the NY Post used to have fun headlines/covers? Soooo many places they could have gone w/this one...and all you get is the NY Daily News!



Anonymous said...

The Fundies are in power,dear. Double entendres are VERBOTTEN!

Anonymous said...

...but...but...but...it's Rupert Murdoch. He'd do anything for a buck. I mean - look @ Fox news!

Anonymous said...

But Fox also now puts up "Viewer Discretion" warnings because of cartoon character butts being exposed. Cartoon character butts!

Anonymous said...

Well it's Stewie. I think the warning was about the barbershop quintet singing about "you have full blown AIDS...not just HIV".

Shocked I was. I kinda wanted to laugh. KIND OF.