Sunday, November 07, 2004

Why I Should Stop Reading the Newspaper

Item #1
Marines soon headed to Iraq aren't concerned about politics
...maybe they should be. But my favorite (?) quote shows the uneducated level of our troops - or the propoganda of the Pentagon to the troops

"When I first came into the Marines, I was worried about Iraq. Now, it's like a revenge thing - I've had some really good friends die over there," said Pfc. Robert Dean, 20, of Elkton, Va., as he stripped and cleaned his light machine gun.
"It's either us going over there and doing what we have to do, or them coming over here to do another 9/11."

Item #2
A 13 mo. old died with - and get this - Massive bruises covered her chest, abdomen and face. She had a broken ankle, a broken neck, 12 broken ribs, a severed liver. And, most mysterious of all, someone apparently had stuck her with something sharp maybe a needle 40 times in the head and the bottoms of her feet.

The highly trained physician concluded: The injuries "led me to conclude a terrible, traumatic event had happened, and it was not an accident."

Clearly he graduated top of his class.

I think I'll stick to the comics and classifieds from now on.

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