Wednesday, November 17, 2004


It didn't take the GOP long to cater to their own. Approximately 2wks after the election, the House makes changes that take care of their most treasured asshole - Tom DeLay.

Who cares if he's facing indictment in TX for illegal campaign contributions to help redistrict his home state to keep it Republican controlled? He can now keep his position in the House w/out having to step down. I'm sure if it were a Democrat in the same situation, they'd be just as generous - don't you?

It's funny (not ha-ha funny) that DeLay was the first national politician to push for impeachment of President Clinton b/c he gets a little head while in office. Yes - legal oral sex (even if viewed as immoral) is seemingly impeachable. Actual criminal conduct however now lets you remain House Majority Leader.

Thank g-d that DeLay is 'christian'. Because we all know that sex is dirty and immoral. However, lies, cheating, deception and basic bad behaivour is just all part of g-d's plan.

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