Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Regarding Valerie Plame, the CIA and leaking stories:

Judith Miller (NYT) - writes no story. Goes to jail.
Matthew Cooper (Time Magazine) - writes story. Avoids jail by giving up sources and testifying about said source.
Robert Novak (CNN, Chicago Tribune) - breaks story. Not even known to be questioned.

No huge shock that Bush's administration is most likely bordering (?) on treason. Yes, to uncover CIA operatives and expose them is indeed treason. All fingers point to Karl Rove. Use any search engine and type Rove Plame and see what comes up. ...and all b/c Little Bably Karl didn't like how Plame's husband behaved on the playground (he had written an NYT piece critical of Shrub's inaccuracies on Iraq and WMD).

Why do I doubt that courts won't be quite as vigorous going after Mr. Rove as they have Ms. Miller? And even if he sees the inside of a court - why do I doubt that a Bush nominated justice will be firmly in place before this gets bumped up to the Supreme Court?

G-d.....this is so depressing....yet so predictable.

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Anonymous said...

Perfect summation of this regime's treasonous activities masked by unquestioned patriotism. Oy.