Friday, May 27, 2005

A Better Blogger Am I

I've been really trying to be better about making entries on a more timely and consistent basis. Honest.

So the move saga continues - and I'm beginning to realize why Kris is still reeling after 7 mos.

Today we are FINALLY getting the old house driveway resealed. The first guys had scheduling then weather related issues. I double booked another company just in case. It was a full-proof theory. Company #1 was supposed to show up yesterday (they didn't) and Company #2 on Saturday. So, IF the first company did show, I had two days to cancel the second guys. AND company #2 was to give me a 24-48 hr notice that they'd be there (they didn't). BOTH showed up today w/in an hour of each other. Hilarity did NOT ensue.

Then on the way to work, I drive past the new house. On a slope from the house a huge huge tree has fallen...and out into a road...blocking two lanes of traffic. I didn't get a good look b/c of the traffic and the two cop cars blocking stuff - but it had to take out a fence and probably the electric lines. Ernie is going over to look at it. Denton is doing a drive-by.

Walk through is tomorrow!!!!!! I see Tom Hanks and Shelley Long in my future.

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