Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Vatican Calls for Keeping Schiavo Alive (AP)

If g-d didn't opt to keep his own son from death, why would he choose Terri whats-her-name to beat the odds? Why didn't g-d keep jesus up on the cross for 15+ years? If the g-d had acted (w/a special session from Pilate's government) and kept jesus alive, he couldn't have died for your sins (and in turn, create a need for the vatican)! But at least he'd have been alive - regardless of the quality of life.

Seriously though, the neurosurgeons and neurologists I work with have had (literally) dozens of collegues exam this woman over the years and not one has come back to say there is the remotest bit of hope for any sort of recovery. But I'm guessing that the federal judge will favor w/the husband, but now congress can say "hey, we did our best! we tried!! you can't blame us folks. Vote Quimby!"

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