Wednesday, July 07, 2004

VP Selection

So Edwards it is. I can live with that. Some say that Edwards was the safe choice, but I think Gephardt would have been the safe, if not fatal, selection.

Bill Frist was prattling on and on about how Edwards has no foreign relations and national security experience. I won't argue that point - but except for Saudis, what experience did our dickhead president have as Governor of Texas? What experience does a doctor turned senator from Tennessee have? Just SHUT THE FUCK UP already!

NPR had someone going on about how both Kerry and Edwards are millionaires and they aren't that far from where the GOP candidates are - monetarily or ideologically. Ok. Then how does the GOP make the argument on the Kerry/Edwards being liberal?

I'm still a tad bit scared. I cannot warm up to Kerry. Edwards might help a little. Of course I will vote democratic in Nov 2004. But will enough others do the same?

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