Wednesday, July 02, 2003

I know I've been lame about actually blogging lately. It's been an up and down few weeks....and I've felt that I've had nothing clever to say. Most of the people who read this know me and what's been going on - but for those lurkers out there....

One of my sister's was in town and a few times most, if not all, of us were together (5 siblings, their spouses, 8 of their kids and our parents) - which is a scary prospect for anyone who knows us. Most of the time we (as a family) were well behaved, but we had our moments. One said to me about another of my sisters - 'she looks just like Aunt Ginny', to which I replied, 'that's possibly the meanest thing you've ever said!'. But we laughed. Not a quiet moment for days. Last night was a good night on the couch w/beer and the Gilmore Girls....and peace and quiet.

I've been doing a casual (?) job search for awhile now - and have had some good offers that weren't right at the time, but I'm sorta regretting not taking some of them. A new offer, which I did take and I did want, was rescinded due to some political arm wrestling. They happened to be a big vendor for my current employer. The only one to get screwed, was (shock) ME.

But the highlight of the month will definately be heading to Columbus this weekend! Friends, Friends Friends....and beer. So excited. Unfortunately, Denton cannot join us which makes us all sad.

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